bicycle riding is a great way to get healthyCycling is a great way to get cardiovascular as well as strength training at the same time. When you combine this exercise with phenomenal scenery and a well maintained roadway with no motor traffic (except maintenance vehicles) you get the Santa Ana River Trail.

Bicycle riders, walkers, runners, rollerbladers, you name it and there are people out on the Santa Ana River Trail doing it.

Come on in, check out the trail and see if you can find an entry point close by where you live. Subscribe to the Trail Rider News newsletter, and get the latest report on trail conditions. With our rider fitness tools, the trail distance calcultor, you can plan a trail ride and get approximate distances for the ride. You can also check out the Body Mass Index and see how your height and weight measure up. Maybe you need to ride even more than you think. Also take a look at our section on resources and equip yourself to ride the Santa Ana River Trail.

Modified 08/12/2014