Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center - ARTIC -- Current Metrolink & Amtrak Station in the Angel Stadium Parking Lot

Banner_for_ARTIC_coming_in_2014Pictures of the current Metrolink & Amtrak Station in the Angel Stadium parking lot near the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

ARTIC the new entry point on the Santa Ana River Trail, is right at the 13 mile marker. This is about an hour of a bike ride from Huntington Beach at mile marker 0, which is the beginning of the Santa Ana River Trail. The City of Newport Beach makes up the other side of the Santa Ana River Trail.

There are also plans to have a parkway which will be alongside the river trail going through the whole Eastern edge of the ARTIC property. There will also be a bridge going across the Santa Ana River, to link the Western bank of the river to the East bank.

The river trail is also called the Santa Ana Bike Trail, by some people. The new Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center, ARTIC for short is scheduled to open around November 2014, is going to be right next to the Santa Ana River Trail, in between the Honda Center on Katella Avenue, and Angels Stadium which are off of both Orangewood Avenue and Katella Avenue, on the border of the City of Anaheim which makes up the West bank of the Santa Ana River. The City of Orange's boundary makes up the East bank of the Santa Ana River.

The Metrolink and Amtrak station are currently in the Northern section of Angel Stadium parking lot, in front of the 12 story building that says "Stubhub" on the top section of it. This section were the train station is currently located, appears like it's going to be connected to the ARTIC


Good view of current Metrolink and Amtrak station


Amtrak going to the Eastern section


Amtrak seen on top but is in back of station


Amtrak sign pointing you to the station


Amtrak station seen from Angel Stadium


Amtrak station sign and ARTIC banner


Amtrak station sign and waiting platform


Amtrak train going through construction


Another kiosk advertsing new ARTIC


Eastern section with waiting sections


Kiosk advertising ARTIC in waiting area


Metrolink sign around corner from station


Overhang on other side at track 2


Overhang seen from behind seen going East


Track 2 with overhang and ARTIC banner


View of Amtrak station seen from parking lot

Some of the OCTA and ART buses already come into the area, some of which are currently within a mile East, or at the Current Metrolink and Amtrak Station and include the following modes of transportation:

OCTA bus # 50

OCTA bus # 53

OCTA bus # 57

OCTA bus # 83

OCTA bus # 153

OCTA bus # 430

Route 12 - Anaheim Resort Transportation

Route 14 - Anaheim Resort Transportation

Route 15 - Anaheim Resort Transportation

Route 19 - Anaheim Resort Transportation

Anaheim Resort Transit Route Map

Anaheim Metrolink Station

Anaheim Amtrak Station and Schedules

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