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Anaheim Convention Center

Welcome to Anaheim Convention Center on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

Anaheim Convention Center is located at 800 West Katella Avenue in the City of Anaheim and is very close to the Northeast corner meeting with Harbor Boulevard. It is across the street from the South border of Disneyland. It is 2.5 miles West, from the Katella Avenue entry point to the Santa Ana River Trail and is about a 15 minute bike ride for an average bike rider.

If going North you first have to go under the Katella Avenue bridge and circle around to get heading West, on Katella Avenue to Harbor Boulevard. The Anaheim Convention Center is within the 581 acre Anaheim Resort area of Anaheim, which includes Disneyland. Coming this way, you'll arrive at the Northeast part of the Anaheim Convention Center, which was built in 1967, a year after Angel Stadium was built. Over a million people a year visit the Anaheim Convention Center.

If you're coming more from the South you can get off the Santa Ana River Trail at Orangewood Avenue, which is next to one of the Southern entrances to Angel Stadium. It is also 2.5 miles West after getting off the trail, and about a 15 minute bike ride when you go North on Harbor Boulevard, after turning off from Orangewood Avenue. You have to go less than a half mile before you see Convention Way, then you make a left and go West and that will take you to the Southeastern entrance to the Anaheim Convention Center.

The Northern and probably considered the main entrance is right by Katella Avenue next to Hotel Way, where there's a car entrance with four lanes that go into a a parking garage in the Northeast corner. This is right in the area of the dome with the long overhangs on either ends, which is the arena. A whole lot more parking is available in a few parking garages off of West Street and at the Western end of Convention Way.

Currently, there's a total of 815,000 square feet consisting of 5 Exhibit Halls at the Anaheim Convention Center, which are named by letter. 200,000 square feet serve as prefunction space, and then 130,000 square feet makes up the meeting and ballroom spaces. Hall A is the first one in the Northern section, next to the 28,000 square foot arena that can hold over 9,000 people and also has two conference halls. Each also have Banquet capacity of 8,000 to almost 14,000. Four of the halls have theater capacity of 12,000- 5,000 people each. There's room in each to set up 650 to over 1000 booths.

Most of the halls have about the same square footage ranging between 145,000 to almost 156,000 square feet, in Halls A, B, and C. Above those same halls on the second floor is meeting rooms with an outdoor patio, that takes up 65,000 square feet. But on the third floor there's 38,000 square feet used as ball rooms. Hall D, which is still on the first floor is alot bigger than the others, with over 221,000 square feet of meeting space in the most Southern section of the facility. Hall E is the smallest of the halls with 143,000 square feet of space and is across from the others.

The seventh expansion, was approved earlier in 2014. The six was completed a little while ago. The first expansion was within 7 years of first opening, with that one undergone in 1974, followed by one in 1982, and three times in the 90's, being in 1990, 1993 and 1999. In the 2000's was when the sixth expansion was completed. The expansion that's planned and mentioned next on in this page, will make it one of the largest convention centers in the world and will make it the newest and largest on the West Coast.

Adding 200,000 square feet of new space was approved by the City of Anaheim, and will cost an estimated $180 million to build. The need to add more space is due to the consant need for more space as the organizations that rent the meeting space get bigger each year and to keep up with LA , San Francisco and San Diego's potental plans for also expanding their facilities. The new meeting space will bring the total rentable space to over 1,800,000 square feet. This new space at the Anaheim Convention Center, is going to be added from one of the parking lot that are off of the Katella entrance. There are plans to put a multi-story parking garage wedged in between the existing building and the new section that's being built, to replace the parking that's lost, and the new for more parking for the new hall that could hold hundreds of more people.

Off of the Harbor Boulevard entrance to the Anaheim Convention Center beginning right after you turn onto Convention Way and go West past Hotel Way, you come to a round- about that features the work of the previous expansion, which was the sixth, a few years ago, when the Grand Plaza was completed. It leads you to the Southeastern entrance of the Anaheim Convention Center, with Halls B and C being closest to that entrance, and Hall D is not much farther with the walls to it running along the hall to the end and making up the Southern part of the building.

Going into this entrance, you'll first see the 48 foot illuminated entry monument and fountain, and then flows into a riverof lights, with more than 300 LED fixtures. Farther down the fountain, jets shoot water up to 40 feet in the air. The new landscape consists of 60 citrus trees, 151 palm trees, 400 shrubs, and 17,000 ground cover plants. It cost $20 million and the money came from the bed tax, which visitors' pay when they stay in a hotel in Anaheim for a total of 15% now. Hall D runs along the wall from this area and makes up the South strip of the Anaheim Convention Center.

Convention Way continues along the South wall and you can only go West, and there's only one opening along the way that's in between a parking garage and the Southwestern wall that makes up Hall D. On the other side of this parking garage is West Street, which is where Convention Way ends. That same parking garage shares the corner with Convention Way and West Street, and behind to the North there's a driveway to other parking garages that are appear to all connect. It appears that there are a few openings that allow you onto West Street that goes North to Katella Avenue, which the main entrance to the Anaheim Convention Center is.

We have also included all the buses that go to or from the Anaheim Convention Center. The OCTA and Metro buses have two bike racks on the front, so you can put you bike on while you ride the bus.

OCTA bus # 43

OCTA bus # 50

OCTA bus # 83

Metro bus to Downtown LA

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