Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Coves at Ball

gate at exit just before ball going southWelcome to Anaheim Coves at Ball on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

Located North up Phoenix Club Drive after turning off from Ball Road is the parking lot and then the Anaheim Coves trail starts at the Ball Road/ Phoenix Club Drive entry point. It will take you 1050 feet going North for about 49 seconds, after turning off Ball Road to reach. Coming from the Santa Ana River Trail, you will need to go 1000 feet and 49 seconds or a little more, to reach the Ball Road/ Taft Avenue entry point to the Anaheim Coves trail.

The gate at the end of Phoenix Club Drive leading to the parking lot, is locked at night. There's even another gate right at the beginning of the Anaheim Coves trail. Getting back to the parking lot, there's 14 regular parking spaces, along with two handicap ones. There's room on the side for wheelchairs next to the handicapped parking spaces. Also in the parking lot is a men and womans restroom with a drinking fountain in between the two on the outside wall. In the other corner of the parking lot is a bike rack if you want to lock up you bike then, take your car somewhere else in the area.

If you need a little something to eat or drink before you go to the Anaheim Coves trail, you can go West for half a mile for 3 minutes, and there will be a liquor store at Sunkist Street. There is also a 7-11 a little farther going west on Ball Road.

Once on the trail, you will turn and start going West, where you will pass by the North side of the driving range and the South side of the "Burris Basin", you will go for a few hundred feet before, you start turning to the North again. You will see a maintenance turn out and the trail curving as it's going uphill to the East, and then to the North again along the West shores of the Burris Basin, you will see a kiosk off to the side of a small dirt trail, as you make your way to the Rio Vista Street entry point.

If going South from the Lincoln Avenue entry point for the Anaheim Coves, right after the Rio Vista Street entry point, the trail starts winding around the outer edges of the Burris Basin going downhill South and then West and back around to the South until it meets up with the maintenance vehicle turn off, then it turns and starts going East to the gate at the end of the Anaheim Coves trail. To get to Ball Road from the trail, you have to go through the parking lot and go South on Phoenix Club Drive, as you're passing by the driving range and their parking lot on the right.

You can go West on Ball Road, for about 1000 feet and a minute of riding, when getting off the Anaheim Coves trail. That will take you to the Santa Ana River Trail Ball Road entry point. When you get to the Santa Ana River Trail, you can go South to Huntington Beach or a little past Anaheim Hills and Yorba Linda to the Northeast. If you don't get on the Santa Ana River Trail you can continue West on Ball Road, which turns into Taft Avenue as you go about three miles to reach the Village of Orange mall.

If getting back on the Santa Ana River Trail at the Ball Road/Taft Avenue entry point, you can get to the 2014 planned completion of the transportation hub "ARTIC" in less than a mile and half and in about 10 minutes. The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center will be between Angel Stadium and Honda Center in the Platinum Triangle district in the City of Anaheim. Not far from that is the Anaheim Resort which includes Disneyland. The Village of Orange is within three miles East after getting on Ball Road.

1 and 2 tenths mile marker going north

1 and 2 tenths mile marker going north

trail going north from ball entrance

Trail going North from Ball entrance

barris basin seen going north from ball

Barris basin seen going North from Ball

end of trail around the corner going south

End of trail around the corner going South

end of trail going south to ball road

End of trail going South to Ball road

restroom before ball going south

Restroom before Ball going South

trail going north on the way to rio vista

Trail going North on the way to Rio Vista

trail going south way after rio vista

Trail going South way after Rio Vista

trail going uphill slightly going north

Trail going uphill slightly going North

trail information and monument

Trail information and monument

turn left on ball for river trail

Turn left on Ball for river trail

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