Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Coves Going North

trail between golf range and burris basinWelcome to the Anaheim Coves a new point of interest next to the Santa Ana River Trail.

The Anaheim Coves trail goes North from Ball Road, or is .2 miles West and 49 seconds from the Santa Ana River Trail off of the Ball Road entry point. The trail will start after you go .2 miles north on Phoenix Club Drive after turning off of Ball Road. There's a driving range and their parking lot to the West and the Santa Ana River a little farther East as you're going up Phoenix Club Drive.

At the end of that parking lot will be the gate to the parking lot for the Anaheim Coves trail, then you have to go through the parking lot before you get to the Anaheim Coves Trail gate. Both gates get locked at night. There is a men and women's restroom with a drinking fountain on the outside wall. There is also a bike rack to lock up your bike in the parking lot as well. The parking lot has 14 regular parking spaces along with 2 handicaped ones.

trail curves around by path to rest areaIf you need a little something to eat or drink before you go onto the Anaheim Coves trail, you can go West for half a mile for 3 minutes, and there will be a liquor store at Sunkist Street. There is also a 7-11 a little farther going west on Ball Road. See the "Ball Road entry point on the Santa Ana River Trail", for more in the area.

The new proposed "ARTIC" station is less than two miles from the Ball Road entry point for the Anaheim Coves trail. This area is in between the "Honda Center" and "Angel Stadium. The Eastern border for these two points of interest is also shared by the "Platinum Triangle district in the City of Anaheim. The Santa Ana River Trail's boundary line is also on the edge of all three points of interest.

The Platinum Triangle is on the edge with the Santa Ana River Trail for about 1.7 miles. The beginning of the Southern portion of the City of Anaheim is nearby, and has it's boundary on one of or both sides of the Santa Ana River and Santa Ana River Trail for 16.5 miles which is 57% of the 28.9 mile Orange County section of the Santa Ana River Trail. Anaheim with 350,000 people is the most populated city out of all the sections of the Santa Ana River Trail.

trail curving northeast along rio vistaThe best way to get to it is by going East for less than 1500 feet and less than two minutes, and you'll be able to get onto the Santa Ana River Trail, and then you can go South a little past the "Katella Avenue entry point for the Santa Ana River Trail". Less than a quarter mile from Katella Avenue is a small bridge being planned to go across the Santa Ana River and linking the two sides of the Santa Ana River Trail.

Once on the trail, you will turn and start going West, where you will pass by the North side of the driving range and the South side of the "Burris Basin", you will go for a few hundred feet before, you start turning to the North again. You will see a maintenance turn out and the trail curving as it's going uphill to the East, and then to the North again along the West shores of the Burris Basin, you will see a kiosk off to the side of a small dirt trail, as you make your way to the Rio Vista Street entry point.

The "Rio Vista Street entry point" on the Anaheim Coves trail, is actually at the end of the dirt trail that leads you to the side of Rio Vista Street after the maintenance gate. You can go around the side of the maintenance gates, but is much more easier to get off the trail, by the dirt trail instead. Parking is only available North along Rio Vista Street.

trail going north uphill after ball entranceYou again start to wind around to the East uphill a little more sharply, than at the beginning of the trail. As you start to go North again, the "South Street entry point" comes up, as you start to go uphill again. This entry point isn't official, and could be dangerous, if you're not careful going down or up the steep incline. You're better off going as close as you can to the fence, that meets the back of the apartment complex property,and follow that down to the South Street entry point.

There's not really anywhere to park at this entry point. There is even a steel gate closing off the street to cars, but a bicycle can pass by on the sides easily. Straight across from the South Street entry point is a dirt trail that goes East between the "Burris Basin" back to the South and the Lincoln Basin to the North, and goes around the "Lincoln Basin" to the side along Lincoln Avenue, then goes back to the Anaheim Coves trail. Downhill from Lincoln Avenue is a bridge that goes under to the other side that has other dirt trails, alongside the "Lower Five Coves" and "Upper Five Coves Basin".


1000 feet more to the North will take you to a gate off where the Anaheim Coves trail starts after the parking lot off of Lincoln Avenue. The parking lot at the"Lincoln Avenue entry point" has 11 regular parking spaces and 2 handicapped ones, in addition to a horse tie up post and a mens and women's restroom and drinking fountain. There is a gate to get into the parking lot at Lincoln Avenue, which is also locked at night.

trail going uphill shortly after ball gate

Trail going uphill shortly after Ball gate

unofficial south street around the curve

Unofficial South street around the curve

unofficial south street coming up

Unofficial South street coming up

water fountain at rio vista entry point

Water fountain at Rio Vista entry point

rio vista street entry point coming_up

Rio Vista street entry point coming_up

rio vista coming up going north

Rio Vista coming up going North

rest area near rio vista entry point

Rest area near Rio Vista entry point

monument and iron work with mountains

Monument and iron work with mountains

maintenance turn out going north

Maintenance turn out going North

gate going north after rio vista street

Gate going North after Rio Vista street

better view of second rest area

Better view of second rest area

lincoln avenue gate anaheim coves

Lincoln avenue gate Anaheim Coves

going to parking lot after lincoln gate

Going to parking lot after Lincoln gate

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