Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Coves Going South

beginning of trail south from lincolnWelcome to the Anaheim Coves a new point of interest next to the Santa Ana River Trail.

Just .2 miles West and about a minute off of the Lincoln Avenue entry point on the Santa Ana River Trail, will take you to the North entrance to Anaheim Coves. As you're going about 1500 feet on Lincoln Avenue, you will see Lower Five Coves Basin off to the right. Looking across to the South part of Lincoln Avenue, you will see "Lincoln Basin" and "Burris Basin" seen farther over. With no official address, we're saying the address is at about 3000 East Lincoln Avenue, in the City of Anaheim.

As far as parking, there is a gate that closes the parking lot off at night. So during daylight, you can find 11 regular parking spaces and two handicap ones, considering the trail is also ADA accessible. If you can't find enough parking here, you can go East for .2 miles on Lincoln Avenue, and park in the small parking lot that's next to the Santa Ana River Trail. You can also find out places for food or drink by clicking on the "Lincoln Avenue entry point page" or the "Lincoln Avenue entry point page for the Anaheim Coves".

unofficial south street exit to the rightOnce you get through the parking lot, you will come up to a gate with a small opening on the left. At this point you will finally be on the trail after 266 feet coming off of Lincoln Avenue. The whole time you can see the "Big A" in the distance going South and the "Honda Center" is about a mile closer. You are going straight and there's a chain link fence to your left. On your right there's a green wrought-iron fence for some of it and a chain link fence for the Northern part of it. There's also a 2 story apartment building behind it.

Back to the Anaheim Coves trail, you immediately see the 0 mile marker embedded into the concrete on the left hand side of the trail, and you will continue to see one every tenth of a mile for the most part. Right around this area is a dirt trail off to the left or East it runs along the bottom of Lincoln Avenue, and you can go around the Northern part then the Eastern banks of the "Lincoln Basin"


Not much farther after the one tenth mile marker for the Anaheim Coves trail is a dirt trail going left and right on the side of the Anaheim Coves trail. The one on the right goes to the unofficial South Street entry point for the Anaheim Coves trail. You won't even know it's there unless you really look, but be careful, there's a steep incline, that you can fall down.

view of burris basin going southThis is about .2 miles and about a minute off of the Lincoln Avenue entry point. If you go left on the dirt trails, to the West there will be a few trails after that. These go around the East section of the "Lincoln Basin", and going the other way, you can go South along the outer Eastern bank of the "Burris Basin" There is no parking for the "South Street entry point", as there is a gate blocking cars from going down South Street toward the Anaheim Coves trail.

Continuing on with the Anaheim Coves trail, right after the second dirt trail, and the unofficial South Street entry point, the "Big A" and "Honda Center" start to move over to the West. The Anaheim Coves trail starts to turn to the West, at this point as it goes around the Northwestern section of the "Burris Basin".

The Anaheim Coves trail, then goes around to the South again as you're going .7 miles for 4 minutes, from the South Street entry point to the Rio Vista Street entry point for the Anaheim Coves trail. The view of " The Big A" and Honda Center disappear, as you also go downhilll and at the end of it you see a mile marker, that says it's 197 foot pass. The trail starts going to the East, but quickly starts going to the South again, as you can start hearing traffic from Rio Vista Street, above.

on the way to the unofficial south streetYou reach a gate, just as the Anaheim Coves trail, straightens out as it goes onto the Rio Vista Street entry point. The address to the Rio Vista Street entry point is at 962 South Rio Vista Street where it meets Wagner Avenue, in the City of Anaheim. This point doesn't have a parking lot or restrooms, but you can park North on the street along Rio Vista Street. Right after this the Anaheim Coves trail starts turning to the Southwest and then to the South and switching back and forth for a while onto the Ball Road entry point and the end of the Anaheim Coves trail.

You get to a section that has a turn off, and that's a maintenance vehicle turn out, at this time the trail continues on from the Rio Vista Street entry point about a half mile and a few minutes away. The trail turns to the East for about 600 feet, on the way you pass by the golf range on the right. On the left you can see the Northern shore of the "Burris Basin", which is it's widest point and you can get great views looking across it to the North.

You get to a gate, with a narrow space to the left, to pass by. You can see the Burris Basin Pump station off to the left in the corner. The Anaheim Coves trail at this point turns off to the right, and then goes South into the parking lot around the corner, which also has a gate at the end of it.

After getting through the parking lot, you go South on Phoenix Club Drive for about 1000 feet, until you reach Ball Road. You can go West for about another 1000 feet which will take a minute or two, but that will take you to the Santa Ana River trail.

You can see the "Ball Road" page or the "Ball Road page for the Anaheim Coves", if you want to find food and drink around the area. See those pages for information on the new" ARTIC" station opening up in late 2014 about a mile off of the Santa Ana River Trail after the Katella Avenue entry point. This area is also right by the "Honda Center", "Angel Stadium" and "National Grove of Anaheim". If you go a few miles West on Katella Avenue, is the "Anaheim Convention Center" and "Disneyland".

along the side of rio vista street

Along the side of Rio Vista street

around the corner from rio vista street

Around the corner from Rio Vista street

gate after rio vista street entry point

Gate after Rio Vista street entry point

maintenance turn off just before ball

Maintenance turn off just before Ball

gate at the end of trail at ball road

Gate at the end of trail at Ball road

gate at exit just before ball going south

Gate at exit just before Ball going south

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