Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Coves at South

south street entrance to anaheim coves

Welcome to Anaheim Coves at South on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

An unofficial entry point to the Anaheim Coves trail is at South Street . It's not official due to the terrain of a hill, although small is still steep unless, you get closer to the chain link fence on the West side of the Anaheim Coves trail. This entry point is not ADA compliant. Be careful going down or up the inclines.

South Street has a big gate at the end so cars can't drive in. There's still enough room along the side for a bike to go through. You might be able to park on the side street facing North, if arriving by car. If biking West on South Street, you can quickly can go over the 57 freeway, as a very good alternative to Lincoln Avenue.

Back on the Anaheim Coves trail right at the South Street entry point. Right across is a dirt trail that goes in between the Lincoln Basin to the North and the Burris Basin to the South. The dirt trail goes around to the East for a few hundred feet, then you can go right, to the South toward Ball Road. Going that way, there is really nowhere to connect back to the Anaheim Coves trail going South as it passes on the Eastern edge of the Burris Basin. You might notice a small dirt path, with a steep incline and a hole in the fence if you look carefully, but is easy to pass up.

trail entrance above at south streetAfter taking the dirt trail to the East, and instead of going South, if you turn left or go to the North, you will go along the East side of the Lincoln Basin and the trail continues North until you see a bridge that goes under Lincoln Avenue and a dirt trail that keeps going on the North side of Lincoln Avenue. If you don't go under the bridge, you will go West and that will take you back to the Anaheim Coves trail as you pass by the North part of the Lincoln Basin, and Lincoln Avenue right above you.

On the Anaheim Coves trail, which is about 1000 feet more to the North after South Street and the dirt trail is the end of the Anaheim Coves trail, when you come up to a gate with a narrow opening. Then you go through the parking lot, which also has a men and womans restrooms, drinking fountain, and a hitching post to tie up your horse. You have to go 266 feet though the parking lot before you get to Lincoln Avenue at the end.

Going South on the Anaheim Coves trail after getting past the unofficial South Street entry point and the second dirt trail, you start to go downhill as you wind around going West and then South for about half a mile, then you start to see Rio Vista Street along the right side of the Anaheim Coves trail, as you approach the Rio Vista Street entry point. That exit is off the dirt trail leading to the street. You can also keep going a little more South and exit by the asphalt, that has a maintenance vehicle gate, in the middle of it for the Anaheim Coves trail.

trail going east between basins

Trail going east between basins

197 foot pass marker on anaheim coves

197 foot pass marker on Anaheim coves

climb shortly uphill for south street entry

Climb shortly uphill for South street entry

entrance to south street entry after hill

Entrance to South street entry after hill

going north after south street entry

Going North after South street entry

going south after south street entry point

Going south after South street entry point

going west on south street after trail

Going west on South street after trail

just starting to go south after south street

Just starting to go south after South street

just starting to go south after south street

Just starting to go south after South street

mile marker two tenths on anaheim coves

Mile marker two tenths on Anaheim coves

mile marker four tenths on anaheim coves

Mile marker four tenths on Anaheim coves

south street going east to anaheim coves

South street going east to Anaheim coves

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