Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Angels Stadium

front of angel stadiumWelcome to Anaheim Angels Stadium on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

Almost across the street from the Honda Center, is Angel Stadium of Anaheim but you'll have to go south on Douglas Road for .3 miles and 2 minutes, passing by the new Anaheim Regional Inermodal Center, on the way to reaching the parking lot and then you can wind around the entire parking lot to get around the six different gates to get into Angel Stadium. Just after going southwest on Douglass Drive, you'll be at one of the entrances, but if you're on bike or walking, you can just completely bypass the shacks for paying for parking and save $10, that they charge for parking. Very close by, in the Northeast section of the parking lot is the current Metrolink Station and Amtrak station, which later in 2014, will move over and have a concrete platform leading to the ARTIC, that is just about to be completed on the side of Douglass Road. From this station, you can go south to Oceanside, or east to Riverside or San Bernardino, or west to LA, or even farther out to Lancaster and Palmdale, or go Northwest to Ventura County.

angel stadium gate 2Getting back to Angel Stadium of Anaheim, located at 2000 East Gene Autry Way, in the City of Anaheim was built in 1966, and is also owned by the City of Anaheim, just as the Honda Center is. As of 2012 there's seating for almost 50,000 fans and 78 luxury suites. At the time of building, the stadium was originally built on 160 acres. The All Star game was hosted at the stadium in 1967 and then again in 2010. Views of the Brea hills, the 57 freeway, and San Gabriel and Santa Ana Mountains, can be seen past the Outfield. The stadium is also referred to as "The big A". There is also a landmark "Big A" sign that weighs 210 tons, in the eastern part of the parking lot with a halo at the top 230 feet high. The top halo is lit up whenever the Angels win on the road or at home. It can be seen right next to the 57 freeway, and can also be seen very well a mile away by the "Orange Crush", which is where the 57, 22 and interstate 5 come together.

The main entrance gate to Angels Stadium of Anaheim is off of State College Boulevard and the recently expanded Gene Autry Way that now goes over the 5 freeway, in addition to the freeway carpool lanes that were already there. The main gate, which is also known as home plate gate has two giant Angel hats with New Era tags on them and are painted red and with insignias, just like the current hats the players wear. Just behind that, there are three bats with baseballs under them, in two sections side by side, with a green and red strip at the top and says "Angel Stadium of Anaheim" on it. Gate 2 is to the left and gate 3 is to the right. In the outfield, there is the area referred to as "California Spectacular" that has a a pile of rocks, called "The Rock Pile" it has trees around it and geysers that erupt and stream, going though the artificial rocks. Around that same area there's fireworks that will shoot out, before the start of the game, and after if the Angels win, and each time an Angels player hits a home run.

There is also an entrance to the stadium in the North section of the parking lot off of Katella Avenue, next to the National Grove of Anaheim, which has a street name up naming it Sportstown. The Southern most entrance to Angel Stadium is off of Orangewood Avenue, and has an access point for bicyclists and pedestrians next to the Santa Ana River Trail, when you exit the trail at the Orangewood Avenue entry point, next to the bridge.

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Anaheim Metrolink Station

Anaheim Amtrak Station and Schedules

amtrak metrolink in the parking lot

Amtrak metrolink in the parking lot

amtrak seen across the parking lot

Amtrak seen across the parking lot

angel stadium right field

Angel stadium right field

north view of angel stadium

North view of Angel stadium

orangewood avenue entrance

Orangewood avenue entrance

outer view of right field and offices

Outer view of right field and offices

outfield view from parking lot

Outfield view from parking lot

third base entrance and ticket office

Third base entrance and ticket office

west of the main entrance

West of the main entrance

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