Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail


Welcome to Atlanta on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

At two miles from the beach, and about 9 minues of riding on the Santa Ana River Trail, you'll find the Atlanta Avenue entry point to the West. If you're going North on the Santa Ana River Trail, you'll find it on your left. If you're traveling the Santa Ana River Trail South, you'll find the turn off on your right. The turn off quickly goes South for about 285 feet before, turning and going West for another 489 feet, where you end at a chain link fence, that you only really have room to take only a bike through in two sections. Right after you pass through the chain link fence, you'll find a parking lot for 16 cars on the South section of Atlanta Avenue. Right across the street, on the North side of Atlanta is a stripped bike lane, with room for cars along the curb in between the bike lane that goes another 476 feet for about 30 seconds to Brookhurst Street, where you can catch the bus going North and South. /p>

On the East bank of the Santa Ana River, is another trail that's called the Banning Channel Bikeway, that's paved just like the Santa Ana River Trail is, but starts in Newport Beach and then goes through the City of Costa Mesa, as it takes you to several parks like Fairview Park, and others that give you a good view of both trails on the West and East banks of the Santa Ana River. You can reach the East bank of the Santa Ana River, once you get to the wooden bridge a little farther North, just before reaching Adams Street going North, or you can get onto it by going South to the Victoria Street/ Hamilton Avenue entry point for the Santa Ana River Trail.

After going through the path and then the parking lot, at the intersection there's on the Southeast corner of Atlanta Avenue and Brookhurst is a sports bar, dry cleaners and hair stylist and then directly across the street in the Northeast corner on Atlanta Avenue, is a liquor store and another cleaners, and a medical and dental office building in the same parking lot in the farther corner, on Brookhurst Street. In the Northwest corner of Atlanta Avenue and Brookhurst Street, is a real estate office.

If you wish to get onto the Santa Ana River Trail, entering Eastbound from Atlanta, it will take a little over a minute or two and is about 1227 feet going through the parking lot, then going through the space open in the chain link fence before you can take the path to get onto the Santa Ana River Trail.

If you continue on Atlanta Avenue, you will have a stripped bike lane that can take you for two and a half miles before turning and going South on First Street for about 1500 feet to reach downtown Huntington Beach and Pacific Coast Highway, closer to the Huntington Beach Pier. You could stop short a little more than a mile after passing the opening in the gate, then the parking lot before Brookhurst Street. You can find a Vons, Del Taco, Starbucks, Wells Fargo, Citibank and other stores in the shopping center at Magnolia Street, which is just a mile after Brookhurst Street. On the other corner of the street, there's another Shopping Center, that has shops, that include an Albertson's, Subway, and Bank of America.

Half a mile West on Atlanta Avenue, you'll find a liquor store, on your way to Beach Boulevard, which is a half mile from there. There's only services to offer on the Southeast corner of the street of Atlanta Avenue and Beach Boulevard, which include a Big Lots, a few places to eat, Chase Bank, Domino's, Starbucks, and another coffee place, a few other shops in the shopping center, with Wal- Mart Neighborhood Market, being the main tenant there. OCTA bus # 35 OCTA bus # 178

The next few entry points, offer great views, and be ready for the wooden bridge, that takes you to the other side of the river.

trail heading back to river trail

Trail heading back to river trail

parking lot and path to river trail

Parking lot and path to river trail

Modified 08/10/2012