Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Batavia Street

batavia trail going east to bataviaWelcome to Batavia Street on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

The entrance to the Santa Ana River Trail at Batavia street is just a simple opening in the fence running along a drainage ditch. The opening is an actual, intended opening that's just big enough to get a bicycle through. The pathway from this opening to the Santa Ana River Trail, is large gravel and not particularly suitable to be riding a road bike through. The path is .3 miles and will take you 2 minutes riding through, but is short enough to walk your bike though. If you have beefier tires it shouldn't be a problem though.

Right next to the opening where it meets the trail is a rest stop bench, and forty yards to the North is a porta potty. There's no water fountain for hand washing though, bring your own.

If you go .3 miles for 1 minute, then go south slightly to Southern Avenue, make a left then go .3 miles for 1 minute on Southern Avenue. Then turn right and go south on Pacific Street for .1 mile then it will turn into Meats Avenue, and then it starts going east. If you go 1.2 miles for 6 minutes, this will take you to the southwestern part of the Village at Orange. If you go .2 miles more for a minute you'll be at Tustin Street, then if you go north on Tustin Street, you will find all kinds of fast food places, which are better discribed on the Ball Road and Lincoln Avenue pages.

The Ball Road entry and exit point is .7 miles and 3 minutes away. The Lincoln Avenue entry and exit point is also .7 miles and 3 minutes away and has more to offer closer to the Santa Ana River Trail, than the Ball Road exit.

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turn off for batavia trail going south

Turn off for Batavia trail going South

view north after batavia turn off

View North after Batavia turn off

view of river going south from batavia

View of river going South from Batavia

15 mile marker going north to batavia

15 mile marker going North to Batavia

batavia trail back to river trail

Batavia trail back to river trail

going west on batavia trail to river trail

Going West on Batavia trail to river trail

rest area next to batavia exit

Rest area next to Batavia exit

entrance to side trail from batavia street

Entrance to side trail from Batavia street

batavia street seen from side trail

Batavia street seen from side trail

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