Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Camino De Bryant Trail going East on the Santa Ana River Trail

Camino De Bryant Trail Points of Entry

Camino De Bryant Trail

Camino De Bryant Trail going East

Susanna Bixby Bryant Museum

Welcome to Camino De Bryant Trail going East across from the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

Right at Gypsum Canyon Road and La Palma Avenue, if you go under the bridge immediately, instead of making a right and heading South on Gypsum Canyon Road, where it ends right by Featherly Park before the freeway on ramp. While still on the North side of the Santa Ana River, you will find what we are calling the Camino De Bryant trail, for now, until we find out different. This trail goes for 1 mile and 5 minutes to the East. This section of the trail still goes along La Palma Avenue, and has another entry point for it at the end of La Palma Avenue when it meets Camino De Bryant. When going North you will be going up a steep hill. Right around this area up the hill you probably can find parking along the street.

The trail does go a little farther East, but ends right at a gate, so you would have to turn around and get off at Camino De Bryant, or go West for a couple of minutes then go under the Gypsum Canyon Road bridge. There are plans to extend this section of the trail farther East past the current end at the gate.Once it's extended a little bit more, there's a bridge to cross to the other side of the Santa Ana River Trail, right after the East section of Featherly Park.

If you go north on Camino De Bryant for .2 miles and 2 minutes, and turn left on Susanna Bryant Drive, you will be at the Susanna Bixby Bryant Museum, which has 5 museum rooms and 2500 square feet of vintage room furnishing from the later 1800's to 1930, and covers the citus and farming industries, indian artifacts. Also there is a botanical garden, and the 1911 ranch house built by Susanna Bixby Bryant. There are guided tours each Sunday from 12- 4pm, except holidays. Currently the admission is $2 for adults, and $1 for children ages 5-12.

Modified 06/12/2014