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Centennial Park

Welcome to Centennial Park on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

7.3 miles from Huntington Beach, right next to the Edinger exit, when going north on the Santa Ana River Trail is Centinnial Park. It is 21.5 miles from the end of the Orange County Section of the Santa River Trail at Green River Road, if going there and you started at mile marker 0, you're a quarter of the way through, as you still have about 2 more hours of riding to do.

A rather large city park at 70.5 acres, Centennial Regional Park, is located at 3000 West Edinger Avenue, in the City of Santa Ana. There's 466 parking places, a lake, soccer fields, 4 baseball fields, restrooms, room for football, skate park, picnic areas and basketball courts. This is a great spot to stop off, when you reach Edinger Avenue, with in a minute, you will have a nice place to take in some scenery with the lake there.

See the Edinger Avenue page,for more information on food and drink around the Edinger Avenue exit on the Santa Ana River Trail.

Centennial Park Waterfoul Sanctuary is a project that removes non- native vegatation around the current waterfoul that are nesting there. The planting of native plants will finish the re-created ecological system there.

You can take the bus to Centennial Regional Park, or the Edinger Avenue entry point on the Santa Ana River Trail, by taking OCTA bus # 70. Once you get to the bus stop you can text a number provided on the bus sign you can see what the bus stop number is, to get a text with the times of the next 3 buses at that stop. The instructions on how to do that are on the sign.OCTA text for next

During the weekdays between 6 and 9 am the bus runs every 15 minutes on most of this route, and 45 minutes when it isn't. Considered midday between 9 am and 3 pm it runs every 20 minutes, then during the pm peak hours between 3 and 6 pm the bus runs every 15 minutes again, then runs every 30 minutes on the main route and every 60 minutes on the rest until it stops running about 11pm.

All day Saturday from 6am to 11 pm, the bus runs every 20 minutes on the main section and every 30 minutes on the rest. All day Sunday, the bus runs every 30 minutes on the main route and every 60 minutes on the rest of the route.

OCTA bus # 43

OCTA bus # 47

OCTA bus # 145

OCTA bus # 543

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