Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Coal Canyon

Sign at Coal Canyon on the Bicycle TrailWelcome to Coal Canyon on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail. Coal Canyon is currently closed to vehicle traffic. The Coal Canyon exit WAS the location of a BMX track and horse stables. We are not sure what is on the planning table for this area, it will not remain empty for long.

Just a mile away and another 5 minutes from the end of the Orange County section of the Santa Ana River Trail at Green River Road, is the old Coal Canyon Road/ Wildlife Corridor through Chino Hills State Park, which is 27.9 miles, 2 hours 24 minutes from Huntington Beach. The mile markers are missing in this area due to the construction, which appears to be going on for a while, from Featherly Park, to Green River Road.

Coal Canyon is closed to vehicle traffic. The Coal Canyon exit WAS the location of a BMX track and horse stables. This area is now a Wildlife Corridor, the area passing under the 91 freeway bridge.

The actual street Coal Canyon Road has been removed and is little more than gravel and dirt. This material has the potential to be on the bike trail at any time. Caution should be used as you pass through this area. Some interesting things around the removal, it was the first time land was purchased for a preservation of a wildlife corridor and was the first time Cal Trans, removed on and off ramps for a wildlife corridor. This area is saved from development, and now anchors over 14,000 acres of Chino Hills State Park, that reaches into the City of Chino Hills in San Bernardino County. On some of the trails, you will come close to the border of all 3 Counties of Orange, Riverside and San Bernardino.

Passing under the bridge, will lead you to other trails that go throughout the Chino Hills State Park Orange County section, which after following different trails will take you to Irvine Park in Central Orange County on the eastern edge.

There are no facilities here but it is a nice place to stretch your legs or to look at wildlife. The trail continues east from this point and comes to an end of the "dedicated trail" at the road that takes you to Green River Golf Course in the beginning of Riverside County in the City of Corona.

Here you can see the dirt on both sides of the bicycle trail as it continues east.

Modified 07/23/2012