Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Green River Road Entrance

Bicycle Trail entrance at Green RiverWelcome to the Green River entrance to the Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail.

Along the Santa Ana River Trail, past the Green River Golf course the water has eroded the golf course and trail so many times there's been construction work to create a more permanent solution to the erosion problem going on for a while. Maybe the extention of the Santa Ana River Trail, going through Corona will be built behind the construction.

When entering the trail at this point the path rises slightly then the trail has a gentle down slope and ends with a steep rise just before Coal Canyon. The detour sections of the construction area are more level, but we'll see how the trail changes in this section after the construction is done.

The bicycle trail looking south at Green RiverWhen riding along this point on the Santa Ana River Trail you are exposed to the 91 freeway traffic on the south side of the trail. The 91 freeway runs through a natural pass in the hills. This land formation causes the wind to gust through this pass when even the slightest breeze is blowing. On a hot day this can be a welcome relief to the ride. On a cold day the wind can make the ride down right bone chilling. Pay attention to flying debris on those windy days also, a flying cardboard box can knock you right off your bike.

The first 1100 feet is exposed to the freeway (91), there is considerable debris strewn along the path particularly along that first stretch as the trail meanders along the Santa Ana River. We found gravel and sand at various areas across the bike path, use caution.

Bicycle Trail at Green River runs along the 91 FreewayOnce you get past the first section the trail turns to the west and follows the freeway as it heads to Coal Canyon road. Just before you get to Coal Canyon, the trail takes a steep rise and crests right at the Coal Canyon road exit.

In the picture you see that the trail is used by pedestrians as well as cyclists. Always be courteous to others along the trail and be sure not to leave anything behind (pick up your trash).

If you go east on Green River Road through the City of Corona, for .9 miles and 7 minutes you will come up to a Jack In the Box, across the street, and then on your right side a Taco Bell, Carl's Jr. and a couple other things like a Shell and Chevron gas stations with a food mart.

Continuing east on Green River Road, and taking different streets will take you to the other section of the Santa Ana River Trail, that starts back up in Riverside County, at the Hidden Valley Wildife Area, at the beginning of the City of Riverside.

Modified 07/23/2012