Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Gypsum Canyon Entrance

Gypsum Canyon is located just beyond Featherly Park and is the entrance to both the park and to the bicycle trail.

When you come up to the Gypsum Canyon Road entry/exit point you will be on the way to the 26 mile marker as you will be 25.7 miles, 2 hours and 12 minutes from Huntington Beach. You will also be 3.1 miles and 16 minutes from Green River Road and the end of the Orange County section of the Santa Ana River Trail.

By the time you go south on Gypsum Canyon Road, which will go into Featherly Regional Park you'll be at 26.2 miles and 2 hours and 15 minutes, from Huntington Beach by the time you go under the Gypsum Canyon Road bridge by the RV Park and go back to heading east on the Santa Ana River Trail.

If you continue east by going under the Gypsum Canyon Road bridge, instead of making a right and going south will be the Camino De Byrant trail, more about that trail on the Camino De Byrant Trail page.

The picture shows the trail in the foreground and Gypsum Canyon is to the right of the trail. Gypsum Canyon crosses over the Santa Ana River in this area so when on the trail you will be elevated looking down. The path entering the park is steep and the path is very smooth here.

As you follow the trail down into the park the pathway turns all the way around three quarters of an entire loop.

This is a nice area for a rest and a sip of water from the fountain. There is also a trash can with lots of bugs nearby.

There is a funny looking shack that looks like a log cabin. This is a cell tower maintenance building.

Other than Featherly Park, and the restrooms and drinking fountain, rv parking and camping, there's not any other services in this area.

Modified 07/23/2012