Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Imperial Highway

view going east south side of riverWelcome to Imperial Highway on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

Right after the 20 mile marker, is Imperial Highway 20.3 miles, 1 hour 42 minutes from the beginning of mile marker 0 at the beach. You will be crossing over the Santa Ana River on the bridge going East after the Imperial Highway bridge.

After getting to the other side of the Santa Ana River, and by the time you get to the bridge by going around in a U-turn, you will be 20.5 miles from the beach. After a minute getting off the bridge and turning around to the West and going to the Imperial Highway bridge. There is a rest stop with benches and a drinking fountain. There's a little area next to it. I'm assuming it is for horses to be tied up, since it's marked off with wood.

view of river from trail before imperialIf arriving by car, I'm not sure if the parking lots off of Imperial Highway allow you to park in their lots for hours at a time. The best place to park is just before Yorba Park, right at Fairmont Boulevard and La Palma Avenue, in the dirt lot or the little paved lot next to it, as those are the only free ones.

It is worth going North on Imperial Highway once you get to the end of the paved turn off, right next to a rest stop, before the bridge. Right there you are also 8.5 miles and 44 minutes to Green River Road and the end of the Orange County section of the Santa Ana River Trail. You will immediately see La Palma Avenue that goes East and West in the City of Anaheim, at one corner will be a Carl's Jr., CVS, Marie Callender's restaurant and other shops.

To get to the West side of Imperial Highway, you can go West under the Imperial Highway bridge, and get off on the other side, of the bridge which is also on the North side of the Santa Ana River. There is a little passage way through the fence, right at the end of the path just before Imperial Highway, right by the sidewalk going left, or looking North. It is a shopping center that has some stores and places to eat, with the most significant one being In N Out.

turn off northeast for north on imperialAt the Northwest corner of La Palma Avenue and Imperial Highway is Cinema City Theatres, Starbucks, Baskin Robbins, KFC and other stores. In the other corner of the parking lot is a Radio Shack, Jamba Juice, Foxfire Restaurant, Rubio's, Chase Bank, and other shops and restaurants. The sidewalk right in the front on the East side of the parking lot will take you past the shopping center, and take you under Orangethorpe Avenue for the West and Esperanza Road to the East that goes into the City of Yorba Linda.

By going on the sidewalk on the East side of the parking lot of the one with the theatre at it. At the end of the sidewalk is a few sets of quite a few steps, that takes you to another sidewalk that also ends right at the end, which is the same as the off ramp from Imperial Highway when you're driving. The only way to go after that, is West on Orangethorpe Avenue through the City of Anaheim and other cities. Or you can go East on Espranza Road into the City of Yorba Linda, which is also the way to the Yorba Cemetary which is 1.2 miles and about 10 minutes off of the Santa Ana River Trail. But only within 5 minutes and half a mile after getting down the steps.

turn off south river for south imperialTo get to the Yorba Cemetary after getting onto Espranza Road. You go East for less than .3 miles, then take a left to go North on Failynn Boulevard, for about 476 feet beore you turn right and go East on Woodgate Drive for a little more than 700 feet which should take another minute to do.

Bernardo Yorba was the area's first land owner, when he was granted over 13,000 acres north of the Santa Ana River in 1832 by Mexico's Governor at that time. Yorba Cemetary makes up the small plot of land that got deeded to a Los Angeles Catholic Church, and that's most of what was left today. The OC Parks owns and operates the cemetary and has tours only on the first Saturday of the month, and only in between 1 and 2 pm.

If getting off the Santa Ana River Trail and going South for .4 miles and 3 minutes on Imperial Highway will take you to Santa Ana Canyon Road. On one corner is a Don Jose, Domino's Pizza, and other shops. Across the street from that is a Von's grocery store, Zito's Pizza, Starbucks, Rite Aid, Pick Up Stix, and Bank of America.

If you go .4 miles and 3 minutes South on Imperial Highway and then make a left on Santa Ana Canyon Road and go for, 1 mile and 5 minutes you will find Eucalypus Park at Quintana Drive, it is more specifically located at 100 N. Quintana Drive, in the City of Anaheim. There are lots of trees, restrooms and picnic benches, at this ten acre park, that also includes basketball court, bbqs, football and or soccer and playground area.

view east before imperial highwayIf you continue on Santa Ana Canyon Road for one more minute and go .2 miles will be Fairmont Boulevard, where you will find a Subway, Pepperonis Pizza, and some other shops. Right at that corner and located at 6398 E. Santa Ana Canyon Road in the City of Anaheim, right behind the Tarbell Realtors office is the Peralta Adobe. In all you will be 1.6 miles and 9 minutes from the Imperial Highway entry/exit point.

You cannot go North on Fairmont Boulevard to get back on the Santa Ana River Trail, you will have to go back to Imperial Highway.The right of way is already owned in this area, and there's plans to have Fairmont Boulevard overpassing the Santa Ana River someday.

OCTA bus # 30

OCTA bus # 38

rest area east of imperial north of river

Rest area East of Imperial North of river

trail going east right before imperial

Trail going East right before Imperial

trail north of river east after imperial

Trail North of river East after Imperial

mile marker 21 east after imperial highway

Mile marker 21 East after Imperial highway

on the bridge that crosses the river

On the bridge that crosses the river

path to stores northwest after imperial

Path to stores Northwest after Imperial

going west southwest of imperial highway

Going West Southwest of Imperial highway

going west under imperial south side river

Going West under Imperial South side river

imperial turn off from north river to south

Imperial turn off from North river to South

exit to go north on south side of river

Exit to go North on South side of river

getting off bridge on north side of river

Getting off bridge on North side of river

going west before imperial north of river

Going West before Imperial North of river

bridge crossing over from south side of river

Bridge crossing over from South side of river

dirt trail east before imperial highway

Dirt trail East before Imperial highway

entry to river trail from imperial northeast

Entry to river trail from Imperial Northeast

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