Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Segerstrom / Slater

slater avenue coming up going northWelcome to Segerstrom / Slater on the Santa Ana River bicycle trail.

You're now at the Segerstrom exit, there's not much here as half a mile south is the McArthur exit. Half a mile north is Warner, which also has alot to offer. This might be the most boring exit on the trail.

Heading west off of the bridge will take you into Fountain Valley, this is when the street name changes to Slater, less than 1/2 mile away you'll be at Euclid Street. Heading east a little more than 1/4 will take you into Santa Ana and Harbor Blvd.

OCTA bus # 37

OCTA bus # 43

OCTA bus # 76

OCTA bus # 172

OCTA bus # 464

OCTA bus # 543

slater segerstrom avenue bridge

Slater Segerstrom avenue bridge

after going under the slater bridge going north

After going under the Slater bridge going North

mile marker 6 going north after slater avenue

Mile marker 6 going North after Slater Avenue

Modified 08/22/2012