Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Vista Victoria Park going Clockwise

west side of river going south after u turn

West side of river going South after u turn

Fairly close to the East bank of the Santa Ana River is Victoria Vista Park which has a bbq, six picnic tables and benches. In addition to that there's a restroom, and children's playground all on seven acres. There are ten regular parking spaces and only one handicapped space available in the East section of the park, off of Pacific Place. Technically the address is 1200 Victoria Street, in the City of Costa Mesa.

There's a few concrete paths, that wrap around the park, from the parking lot in the East, it goes by a restroom when you're going West toward the edge of the cliff. It wraps around close enough to the side of the cliff that you can still have some great views, without it being dangerous, by getting too close to the edge. After wrapping around the West side, it wraps around on the Southern edge of the park, and then goes by the children's playground, on the way back by the parking lot going East.

Besides Fairview Park, Victoria Vista Park also has great views of the Santa Ana River, and the Santa Ana River Trail, the Pacific Ocean, Huntington Beach and the Northwest and Western Orange County skyline, all from looking over the edge. If you look directly down the hill, on the West side of Victoria Vista Park, you can see "Northern Talbert Nature Preserve"

Victoria Vista Park, is part of the Master Plan for Fairview Park, for a system of continuious trails, leading to several parks in the area, to be linked to and from Fairview Park, which also offer about the same views as Victoria Vista Park, except, you can see better South and also see Victoria Pond across Victoria Street, in the "South Talbert Nature Preserve", which is a little difficult to see from the bluff in Fairview Park. But, on top of the bluff in Fairview Park you can better see the North Orange County skyline, in addition to a nice view of the Saddleback Mountains, which you can't see as good at Victoria Vista Park.

Modified 06/12/2014