Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Wetlands at Fairview Park - Ponds and Trails

west side of river going south after u turn

West side of river going South after u turn

Fairview Park Wetlands and Riparian Habitat is the official, but is one of at least five different names the Wetlands at Fairview Park may be called, in addition to Wetlands Restoration at Fairview Park. When the State of California provided funding they called it Fairview Park Riparian Habitat Planting. The City of Costa Mesa named the project "Fairview Park Wetlands and Riparian Habitat Planting Project Phase II". This section is part of what is also called Fairview Park of Costa Mesa, as there are all kinds of Fairview parks over the U. S.

The 23 acre $5.2 million dollar project on the Northwest side of "Fairview Park" was funded by government and private money and was dedicated on February 20th 2013. In addition to all of wetlands work there was also new cemented bike trail put in with a dirt path next to it, North of the wetlands, dirt trails, and ponds. Also more than 2 miles of irrigation pipe had to be installed to water, over 700 trees and almost 9000 shrubs. To create the wetland treatment ponds and channels, 19,000 cubic yards of dirt was moved on site, which consists of six acres. Coastal Sage Scrub makes up 9 acres, while there's only three acres of oak trees and native grasslands growing on five acres.

Modified 06/11/2014