Santa Ana River Bicycle Trail

Anaheim Coves Lincoln Basin

lincoln basin seen from lincoln avenueWelcome to the Anaheim Coves Lincoln Basin point of interest next to the Santa Ana River Trail.

Lincoln Basin consists of 10 acres and is about 1100 feet long going from South to North and is about 500 feet wide going West and East. The water is about 30 feet deep. It has about 3 monitering stations. The vegatation here consists of non-native weeds, cattail marsh, riparian scrub and woodland.

The north part of the Lincoln Basin border is around a dirt trail that comes from the Anaheim Coves trail right at Lincoln Avenue. You can see Lincoln Avenue above you by the dirt trail and the Northern section of the Lincoln Basin.

The West part of the Lincoln Basin is next to the Anaheim Coves Trail. There is a dirt trail by the North part, and then there's another dirt trail, by the South part of the Lincoln Basin, as it goes in between the Burris Basin.

looking north across lincoln basinThe Southern section of the Lincoln Basin has a dirt trail that goes to the East and then that will wrap around the Eastern side of the Lincoln Basin. Going the other way on the dirt trail, is the South Street entry point for the Anaheim Coves trail.

The Eastern section of the Lincoln Basin, is again the dirt trail, going around it. When you get to the Northeast corner there is a tunnel going under Lincoln Avenue. That goes to another set of dirt trails, that are going to be talked about next.

On the Northside of Lincoln Avenue, if you go under the tunnel there will be a dirt trail, that takes you back to ground level. At that point there's just a single dirt trail, that goes onto Glassell Street.

Right after getting onto the single dirt trail, you will see another basin fenced off. This other basin is the Lower Five Coves and is about 15 acres. You can get to the other side of it on a trail farther up towards Glassell Street, in between the Upper Lincoln Basin.

Once you get to the end of the Lower Five Coves Basin, there is a trail in between another basin, that's called the Upper Five Coves basin, which is 14 acres and about 30 feet deep. There's even a pipeline running to the Mira Loma Basin a couple miles up. Then there's another pipeline running from there to the larger Kraemer Basin and Miller Basin. A rather large Anaheim Lake is farther up. Most of the basins, run along the Northside of the Santa Ana River between Ball Road and a mile before Imperial Highway to the East.

dirt trail back west to anaheim coves

Dirt trail back West to Anaheim coves

dirt trail going north after lincoln

Dirt trail going North after Lincoln

Dirt trail north after lincoln avenue

Dirt trail North after Lincoln avenue

dirt trail to northeast lincoln basin

Dirt trail to Northeast Lincoln basin

dirt trails to left or under bridge

Dirt trails to left or under bridge

five coves basin across lincoln avenue

Five coves basin across Lincoln avenue

santa ana river northeast of dirt trail

Santa ana river northeast of dirt trail

south part of lincoln basin with tunnel

South part of Lincoln basin with tunnel

trail between lincoln and burris basins

Trail between Lincoln and burris basins

trail leading south along burris basin

Trail leading South along Burris basin

trail separating basins going east

Trail separating basins going East

trail separating basins going west

Trail separating basins going West

trail west to anaheim coves lincoln

Trail West to Anaheim coves Lincoln

underpass going north at lincoln avenue

Underpass going North at Lincoln avenue

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